A 5 beded well equipped air conditioned ICU with central oxygen system. Our Critical Care Unit is dedicated to patient care of the highest level.

A well equipped 5 bedded ICU manned by highly qualified doctors and qualified and technically skilled nursing staff. There are round the clock resident doctors.  Our Critical Care Unit  is dedicated to patient care of the highest level.

Multipara bed side cardiac Monitors:

State of the art bet side monitors are attached to each bed.
They are RMS made.

They monitor ECG, SPO2, Respiratory Rate and NIBP continuously.


Central Monitoring System

This  is located at the nursing station. All the 5 patients are monitored on this central monitor.

This makes monitoring easier,less tedious and allows emergency measures to be taken urgently.

Ventilators :

  • Invasive ventilator : MAX Ventilator. It is used for patients who are intubated. It has all the advanced modes and easy to operate.
  • Non Invasive Ventilator This does not require intubaton. It is used for
    COPD patients.


The latest model which may be used  either synchronized or not synchronized. It is used as an emergency for reverting the rythm of an irregular and failing heart .


Pace Maker :

In skilled hands it is a life saving device used in patents who fail to produce Cardiac impulse.

Syringe Pump

Digitally operated and used to deliver precisely measured doses to critical patients.



The Cardiology department is geared to treat cardiac emergencies, diagnostic work up, outsourcing for intervention cardiology and rehabilitation of cardiac patients on a long term basis.


2 D Echocardiography :

Philips make higher end machine is availableto detect heart functioning, dysfunction, cardiac valve problems. Machine also has a colour Doppler CD to detect flow of blood in heart and other bigger vessals.



Tread Mill :

Tread mill test or Stress test   as is popularly  known is used for evaluation of   chest pain. It records electrocardiogram during exercise. It is a valuable test for diagnosing  a heart dys function well in advance of the disorder



Cardiac Rehabiliation Workshop :

For the rehabilitation of all ischemic heart disease patients


Interventional Cardiology

All patients requiring coronary angiography and further intervention are referred    to ‘Shri Siddhivinayak Cath Lab.’ Dr. Sanjay Pawar being one of the founder members and directors.

Esote make higher end machine is available to detect heart functioning, Cardiac Valve problems, Machine is also having colour Doppler CD to detect flow of blood in heart and other big vessels.

Stress Test:

Stress test machine is useful for evaluation of chest pain patient. Which records cardiogram during exercise.

It is the only full-fledged department in Satara district with advanced facilities matched to world standard. We are the first to start fiber optic bronchoscopy, Pulmonary function test and allergy testing.

Fiber optic Bronchoscopy:

Most difficult to perform and the diagnostic test in lung diseases is available in our hospital which differentiate TB, Cancer and other diseases of lungs.

Pulmonary Function Test:
Without this test you can’t diagnose asthma and COPD. which is very important for treatment and Prognosis of patient. Rigorous quality control ensures accuracy of results. Procedures are continuously upgraded to reflect the latest test standards.
CO analyzer:
This is useful in Smoking cessation programme. It detect smoke in breath.


Bronchial asthma and Rhinitis are the common allergic diseases. Percentage of these diseases is increasing in community. We are pioneer in this field and our work is appreciated by Giants in this field worldwide.
Skin Prick Tests:

Skin prick tests are performed to determine the substances to which the patient is allergic.

Skin Patch Tests:

These are performed for diagnosis of contact allergy and allergy to various cosmetics.

Food Challenge tests:

Food challenge tests are performed to confirm diagnosis of food allergy and Drug challenge for drug allergies. A serum total IgE is performed only if the diagnosis of allergy is in doubt.


Is routinely administrated to patients of allergic bronchial asthma and rhinitis.



This is performed for the precise diagnosis of epilepsy


We routinely do Cataract and IOL implant surgery Phacoemulsification and small incision cataract surgery. Squint, Galucoma, cculo-plastic surgeries, Dacryocysto Rhinostomy, Emergency surgeries for occular injuries. Some of the important equipment available are ‘A’ scan biometer, tonometer, keratometer, Autorefractometer, Phacoemulsifier, Operating microscope, lensometer and slit amp.


Method of cataract removal by ultrasonic fragmentation and aspiration of the cataractous lens through a small wound The smaller wound with no sutures, poses less risk of infection and induced astigmatism and gives better long and short term predictability of vision.
Patients are able to resume normal activity much sooner and with fewer restrictions for shorter duration of time than the traditional cataract surgery.


X Ray ^Top
Ultrasonography Colour Doppler:
We are well equipped with the latest technology for imaging.
x Ray
Routine x-rays of chest ,abdomen, bones etc.
are performed routinely as well as in  emergency condition.



The most recent and
updated brand of
USG machine is used for routine as well as emergency
USG abdominal condition and colour Doppler in
vascular disorders.

Most of the patients in the ICU need that
special touch and care of the physiotherapist.The ICU patient is managed in totality.He receives not only medical treatment but also physiotherapy to tide over his acute illness and further. Keeping in mind the special  need of our ICU patients we started a physiotherapy  department with all state of the art equipments. Professionally qualified and experienced physiotherapists run the department.
All patients of stroke, paraplegia, neuralgia, peripheral neuropathy and chest diseases and critical cases receive physiotherapy and benefit immensely.

IFT – interferential Therapy ^Top

In this instrument,two medium frequency currents are used to produce low frequency current. The low frequency current produced is called beat frequency.
It has 3 modes – 2P,4P,4PV.
Four electrodes are used for treatment.

SWD – Short wave Diathermy


High frequency electrotherapy instrument. The two heating pads acts as two electrodes. Indications : Backache, Arthritis, osteoporosis etc. SWD acts by increasing blood circulation in the treatment part, and pain relief is achieved.

Muscle Stimulator with TENS


Muscle stimulator is used for stimulating the nerve & muscle.
Stimulator has two types of current.
1)Faradic Current – short duration current.
2)Galvanic Current – Long duration current.
Stimulator is used in case of weakness or paralysis of muscles,  Nerve or tendon transfer, re-education of muscle.
TENS – Trans cutaneas Electrical Nerve stimulation. It is used for pain relief.



The convalescent cardiac and respiratory patient is still fragile and recovery time is long
It is our aim that our patients go back to work in good time and remain fit.Keeping this in view  we launched rehabilitation programmes.At present we are running the following programmes:

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme.
  • Rehabilitation programme in pulmonology : Asthma and COP


Round the clock ambulance service
Critical Care
Eye Care